CSNTM Fall Update

The Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts has been digitizing manuscripts around the world for 15 years. Here is a short video to let you know how you can be a part of this exciting organization.

To donate to the work of the Center please click here.  We need every gift, large and small, to make this project work.


7 thoughts on “CSNTM Fall Update

  1. Daniel

    It’s also worth mentioning that it’s possible to donate via Amazon by choosing “The Center For The Research Of Early Christian Documents” as the charity. When you shop on Amazon, go to smile.amazon.com and search for the charity to link it to your account. Any time you shop on the website after that point, be sure to log into your existing Amazon account via smile.amazon.com.

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    1. Dave Nelson

      I wish that I could donate on a regular basis, but I just can’t. However, I have chosen, a year or two ago now, to donate through Amazon. We don’t buy regularly, but when we do it’s to help you. I love what you’re doing! God bless!!

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  2. Pam Novak

    I’d like to donate online, but I see that the site isn’t secure. Can I donate without putting my credit card at risk?


    1. Andy Patton

      Hi Pam, I work at CSNTM with Dr. Wallace and am thrilled that you’re interested in donating! You’re right that our donation page itself is not an https secure page. The donation form, however, is an embedded https protected website. All the information recorded in our donation form is encrypted by an SSL certificate provided by Norton, which you can verify at the bottom of the form. I apologize that our page itself does not make that clear.

      If you’d prefer to make a donation offline, our mailing address is
      2001 W Plano Pkwy., Ste. 2450
      Plano, TX 75075

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