Dr. Wallace influences students across the country through his textbook on intermediate Greek grammar. It has become the standard textbook in the English-speaking world on that subject. He is a member of the Society of New Testament Studies, the Institute for Biblical Research, the Society of Biblical Literature, and the Evangelical Theological Society. Dr. Wallace is also the senior New Testament editor of the NET Bible and coeditor of the NET-Nestle Greek-English diglot. He has been a consultant on four different Bible translations. Recently his scholarship has begun to focus on John, Mark, and nascent Christology. He works extensively in textual criticism, and has founded the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts, an institute with an initial purpose of preserving Scripture by taking digital photographs of all known Greek New Testament manuscripts. He has traveled the world in search of biblical manuscripts. His postdoctoral work includes work on Greek grammar at Tyndale House in Cambridge, textual criticism studies at the Institut für neutestamentliche Textforschung in Münster, and the Universität Tübingen, Germany. He is in demand as a speaker at churches, colleges, and conferences. Dr. Wallace and his wife, Pati, have four adult sons, three daughters-in-law, three granddaughters, and a Labrador Retriever.

Some books I have authored, edited, or contributed to:


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  1. Thanks for what you do, Dr. Wallace. I’ve walked a number of people through struggles in their faith that came about after they became familiar with Bart Ehrman’s writings. Your work is not only a benefit to the academic world but to all evangelicals. I’m thankful for you, sir.


  2. Jason Riley

    I greatly appreciate you taking time to discuss your various findings and thoughts on important matters of the faith. I am a very interested in textual criticism, and your research has truly blessed mine.


    1. I enjoyed talking to you tonight in Boise, I would much like to keep in touch and ask you a couple questions, since now I know you are evidently the number 1 person in the world to talk to about semantics my name is Jordan , I’m the guy from Oklahoma


  3. Jeff Wallen

    I have a question. I read an article on homosexuality and your take on Whites view.
    Many of my friends including myself have been deeply confused by a site that uses the fact they believe in strong evidence as shown within their site that homosexuality in even antiquities was ok. They also suggest that sex outside of marriage was ok including common prostitution. He even advocates swinging is ok as women were considered property. Many scholarly friends have gotten sucked in and I must say he makes some strong points. Unlike White he accepts that it is and was ok to have sex outside of marriage . Please help me debunk this site. The parts on sex outside of marriage as well as homosexual arguments seem strong on the surface to many of us and I am an evangelist having a tough time. This stuff stifles me.

    See his site please and get back to me that it is all easily debunked. Please read it through and all it’s parts. You may need to scroll down to colored boxes to see the indepth articles like that of Sodom and Gamorrah. Please help?

    God Speed,
    Jeff 4807072369


      1. WOB

        Jeff, the world will always condone sin. That’s because “All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God.” Whenever I find myself being tempted to sway from my beliefs due to this “expert” or that one – or otherwise tempted to agree with someone because they make strong points or may make good sense – I always look back to what God has said on the topic. In this case, God labels homosexuality, fornication and adultery as sins. In fact, He goes even further to call same sex sexual relations an “abomination.” That’s strong language and something we all need to heed. There’s really no need to debunk this website you refer to, God’s already done that in His word.


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  5. Aaron

    Dr. Wallace,

    I recently viewed a video recording of a debate you held with Bart Erhman at Southern Methodist University on Oct 1, 2011 at a Bible study I attend on a regular basis. I have read through your “About” and “Bio” on this website, and I was curious what your testimony is and if you’ve shared this before. Praise the Lord for the ways He’s driven you to decipher and give defense of His Word.


  6. Chris Mayeaux

    Dr. Wallace,
    I’m sure you don’t remember me but I’m one of your former students. I’m converting to Eastern Orthodoxy. The Reformation was a fight in the west. The Reformers had legitimate concerns regarding corruption in the papal court and the sale indulgences. I would caution you to group the Roman Catholic Church with the Orthodox church. While some practices/theology may be similar. We do similar things for different reasons. Here’s to finding the “fullness” of the faith.


  7. Dear Mr. Wallace
    I am taking a third year Theology course and we have to critique your article The Resurrection of Christ Theological Implications. After having reading it at least four times, I get the feeling that this was presented originally not as an article but perhaps as a presentation that became an article. I ask the question because in my mind it brings in different aspects that need to be considered. I also would appreciate any insight behind the article. I pray that you do not find my question offensive as none is intended I just like to understand everything that I can when I analyze an article.


  8. Lois Chan

    Dear Dr. Wallace,

    Since you are the expert in New Testament manuscripts, may I ask you a question: The Messianic Jews claims that New Testament books were written in Hebrew and immediately translated into Greek. Can this be possible? Is there any New Testament Hebrew manuscripts and what are they dated to be? If you don’t agree with them, what are your reasoning? Thank you for your response.



  9. Mike

    I’m very happy to have found your blog. I’ve been reading Mounce on Monday for a while and this is great to. Have you ever though of calling your blog Wallace on Wednesday? 🙂


  10. Brian Weatherdon

    Dr Wallace. I’m no scholar. Just was wondering what would be in your mind the current ‘”best” Bible to read through. I read the New American Bible Revised Edition last year. Thanks Brian Weatherdon.


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  13. Sam

    “Dr. Wallace and his wife, Pati, have four adult sons, three daughters-in-law, one granddaughter, a Beagle, a Labrador Retriever, and a cat. They enjoy all their children and the dogs.”

    So wait, you don’t enjoy the cat? Wow, that’s kind of cold for the cat.


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  15. Keoki

    I’ve been waiting for Revisiting the Corruption of the New Testament to be published as an ebook. Is there any reason this book is not available in an ebook format?



  16. Daniel Draney

    Daniel, I do enjoy listening to your iTunes video blogs on various subjects. However, it is quite frustrating to have the file interrupted constantly as it pauses to load more content. Can you provide an audio only mp3 of these broadcasts? That way we can all listen in the car without interruption!


  17. Andrew J. Schmutzer

    Hi Dan,

    I’m wondering if you would write an additional entry on the Coptic “wife of Jesus” issue. It’s in the news again. King is now trying to make a distinction between historical and authentic. So I’m interested in further discussion on this “document,” and how Christians can think soberly about the significance of this issue (e.g., where is Christology really affected, etc?) Where are the ideologies and linguistic issues that aren’t so clear cut?



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  20. Ben Brooks

    Dr. Wallace, do you take requests for blog topics? Several years ago I stumbled on a site (http://www.biblicalunitarian.com/verses) arguing, in essence, that Jesus’ deity appears in our Bibles only because biased translators have put a Trinitarian spin on their work, and we’d all be Unitarians if we could read Greek. Many of its arguments rely on knowledge of the Greek language and I’m unequipped to refute them. This has bothered me on and off for many years and I’d appreciate the perspective of a scholar in Greek, especially on the verses in John 1. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

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  22. Dan, thank you for your honesty when it comes to scripture. I’ve recently discovered yours and John Lennox’s videos online, and love them. I’m showing them to a mens group at my church.


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