500th Anniversary of the Book that Changed the World

A new journal, Unio cum Christo, just published my article, “Erasmus and the Book That Changed the World Five Hundred Years Ago” (Unio cum Christo 2.2 [Oct 2016] 29–48). Erasmus published the first Greek New Testament on March 1, 1516. This article honors him and discusses the impact that his Novum Instrumentum Omne (a book that is almost completely unknown except by biblical scholars) has had on western civilization and the world.


4 thoughts on “500th Anniversary of the Book that Changed the World

  1. jerryensey

    Thank you for bringing the fact of the 500th birthday of Erasmus’ Greek New Testament. It did indeed change the world. Had he not, who would have? Where would we be today? Erasmus had his warts (don’t we all?) but his courage and uncommon scholarship for that day need to be recognized and honored. Without Erasmus there would likely have been no Tyndale, or Luther, or thousands of us lesser knowns who have benefitted from his work. He got the ball a’rollin’! Again, thanks for calling our attention to him and his work.


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