Colorado Springs Friends of CSNTM Fundraiser Banquet

If you’re in Colorado–anywhere in Colorado–you won’t want to miss this event! You will learn about a unique project: The Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts is involved in digitally preserving ancient handwritten manuscripts of the New Testament and making them available online. Having access to the best images of the Word of God is the foundation for all future Bible translations. You owe it to yourself to find out about this exciting opportunity to invest in something that has eternal value.

Tickets are $25.00.
For more information please email Dana Cooper.

Colorado Springs


3 thoughts on “Colorado Springs Friends of CSNTM Fundraiser Banquet

  1. Michael Ganim

    Dan, this is not about OK but don’t know how else to access you to ask this question: The NASB Key-Word Bible (2008) has Theos in John 1:1 (Theos en ho logos) as the Predicate Adjective (pp.1396,1706). In your great summary of 80 years of interpretation, Theos is an anarthrous, preverbal, Predicate Nominative. Your discussion of the adjective in the First predicate position: adjective-article-noun (pp.307-08) would appear to allow for Theos to be seen as a Predicate Adjective as well. Are both allowed, and would it alter the translation of Theos? In other words can Theos, in both the PN and PA constructions, function as a qualitative modifier of logos so that via different vehicles one arrives at the same destination i.e., Theos having the quality of God? Thanks. Mike Ganim


    1. I haven’t seen the NASB Key-Word Bible, but if they’re calling θεος an adjective they’re mistaken. It’s a noun. What I argued for in my grammar is that it is a qualitative noun. It would thus function adjectivally but it would still be a noun.


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