Surviving tornadoes this weekend in Oklahoma

I flew into Oklahoma City last Friday morning for a 40-part taping of “The Text of the New Testament” at Credo House in Edmond. Michael Patton described what happened this weekend as we encountered several tornadoes:

The latest news report is that 51 are dead, including 20 children. Very tragic. One news station in Oklahoma City said that the tornado could be bigger than an EF5. This means that the winds were over 200 mph in the vortex.

When Michael got me to the airport, it had been evacuated and we were told to get out of there–fast! Flights were canceled (including mine), and golf-ball sized hail started hitting the airport. I got a flight out on standby. When I heard that an elementary school was leveled I was heartbroken.

Michael Patton and Credo House have canceled their normal apologetic session for tomorrow night (Tuesday, 21 May 2013) and instead will be praying for the people of Moore, OK, where the tornado was the worst. They will be helping other Christian groups get supplies, water, clothes, and other essentials to the survivors.

Pray for the people of Moore, OK. One of the worst–if not THE worst–tornadoes ever to hit Oklahoma was one that happened in 1999. And it took the same path that today’s twister did–right through Moore.



2 thoughts on “Surviving tornadoes this weekend in Oklahoma

  1. I will most certainly pray. I just heard about the children too..terrible. Children are under more attack than ever before by the kingdom of hell. God bless you.


  2. Geno L. Mendoza

    We will pray here in the Philippines for the unexpected natural calamity that devastated OK. We hope GOD will continue to protect you there through His mighty wings


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