Virtual Memorial Service for Beecher Wallace

Mom and Dad pic copy

I wrote a blog, “Not a Statistic to Me,” a few weeks ago. It was about my father, Beecher Wallace. Since that time the family has had a virtual memorial service for him, with special music, memories, and the gospel message. During this pandemic, we all feel a little disconnected. Human beings crave community; we are not designed to live in isolation. And although we could not celebrate Beecher’s life together in one physical place, we could celebrate it meaningfully and, in an ironic twist that social distancing has brought about, more intimately in many ways than otherwise.

If you have a loved one who has died and you are thinking of giving up on even having any kind of memorial service, take a look at this. It may give you some comfort and hope.

Several artists gave us permission to use their music for this memorial service. I’m grateful to them, to my brother and sister, and to Andrew Jon Wallace, my son who edited the service. See the links below to the memorial service and to additional memories from family members.

Memorial Service

Additional Memories