From the Library: Decorated Letters in Greek New Testament Manuscripts

Two of my colleagues at CSNTM, Leigh Ann Thompson and Andy Patton, have co-authored a brief essay on decorated letters in New Testament manuscripts. This is in the series “From the Library” that Andy Patton and Andrew Bobo started some time ago for CSNTM’s newsletter. I’ve included a link to this latest offering here.


This is really fascinating stuff. The ancient and medieval scribes went to some lengths to encourage people to engage with Scripture. If you’d like to keep up with these articles, the best way to do it is to sign up  for CSNTM’s free newsletter. It comes to your inbox about 10 times a year and it offers not only interesting essays but updates on our expeditions to digitize manuscripts. You want this! I know you do. Click here to sign up and be among the first to know the latest sites CSNTM is visiting to preserve ancient Scripture for a modern world.

Thanks, Leigh Ann and Andy, for a terrific piece on scribal practices, giving us a small glimpse of how they viewed Scripture.