Michelle Qureshi on Nabeel’s death

Michelle posted Vlog 44 on September 26, offering reflections on Nabeel’s death. Definitely worth sharing, definitely worth watching. Among other things, she declared:

“At the end of the day, you can only rely on the Word of God.”

“I am fully convinced that God will use this death to a more glorious end.”

“Nothing has changed about his character. He’s still sovereign, good, and trustworthy.”

Watch it here.


9 thoughts on “Michelle Qureshi on Nabeel’s death

  1. RWL

    Interesting video! I so proud of her! We need to keep praying for her and her daughter & his side of their family (mom & dad). She stated that she is still praying for an immediate resurrection of Nabeel? Maybe this is her way of dealing with what or how she is feeling, but when will she stop praying for his immediate resurrection or how long will she continue to pray for this? And if this doesn’t transpire will she continue to keep the faith?

    We must continue to pray for her.


    1. Mike Shannon

      Michelle stopped praying for the Resurrection of his body when the last bit of dirt was shoveled into Nabeel’s grave.
      I can’t remember where I saw that if it wasn’t in this video.


      1. RWL


        From watching the video, it seems, to me, that she was still holding out hope? Unless I heard it wrong from the video (and I will watch/listen to it again) or maybe the video was not made today, and it was just posted here today?


  2. Sunitha

    Michelle your video after Nabeel’s death had opened my eyes to see the GREATNESS of our God. That was truly by the grace of God. Keeping you and daughter in prayers.


  3. Mariam Mathews

    I never saw Michelle or Nabeel before in the youtube. Only after his death, somewhere on Sept 28th I saw the headline of Nabeel’s death and I was reading everything about him. The Lord could use him more. Nabeel was very intelligent knew everything he spoke, better than a person who born and brought up in a Christian family. After his death, my faith was questioned, I did not pray for couple of days. I was angry, bitter, but when I saw Nabeel in one of his speech, he said, his pain is nothing, comparing to what Lord went through the cross. Since we cannot question our creator, I think now I accept what God did to Nabeel, As I believe, he is rejoicing with his Lord. May be he worries about his daughter and Michelle. May God bless his soul.


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