NT Syntax video lectures on sale this week

My video lecture set Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics Video Lectures is 55% off in this Video Lecture sale: http://bit.ly/2pe1E2S. The deal ends April 20.

Although it is based on my grammar, four things especially are new: (1)  greater discussion of a few key exegetical passages and the impact syntax makes on them; (2) interaction with the recent view among some linguists and grammarians that deponency is a myth; (3) more arguments and evidence against the view that the Greek verb system does not grammaticalize time; and (4) an updated discussion of reasons for the historical present’s usage. In short, there are some things in this video lecture set that cannot be found in my grammar.


4 thoughts on “NT Syntax video lectures on sale this week

  1. Jason McGee

    I bought the videos. I am going through the grammar book, the videos take the whole expireance to another level. Thank you for sharing your years of study and teaching with the World!

    The insight on the genitive got me pass a major hurdle.

    Thank you sincerely!


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