12th Cave found at Qumran

My old friend and classmate at Dallas Seminary, Randall Price, was on the expedition that found the first Dead Sea Scrolls cave in over 60 years. Although no manuscripts were discovered, such were apparently there at one time. Thanks, Randy, for your part in this discovery and your continuing labors in archeology! See the article here:

Two other friends, Jeremiah Johnston and Craig A. Evans, sent me a link to a news post they did on this discovery. Here’s the link.


6 thoughts on “12th Cave found at Qumran

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  2. Shirley Ralston MACE '08

    My husband and I were privileged and thankful to be a part of the volunteer dig team. It was a great experience to be in Israel again and to participate in something so special. And it was a lot of fun! I appreciate your work Dr. Wallace.

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  3. Garegin

    Quick question not directly related to the post. I noticed that Armenian has Hebrew borrow words although they used the Septuagint as the source. How did they end up in the translation.
    Also, AFAIK the Vulgate was the only Bible that used Hebrew as the basis for the Old Testament until the Reformation? Is this true?


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