New Online Zondervan Course on Greek Grammar just released

Zondervan Publishing House videoed me last August for an intensive week on Greek grammar. They wanted to produce an online course based on my Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics: An Exegetical Syntax of the New Testament. (It also works well with my abridged work, The Basics of New Testament Syntax.) It also updates some of the sections–e.g., verbal aspect, deponency, etc. The team in Grand Rapids was thoroughly professional: Two videographers and one content editor for every video, another editor of the slides (of which there are hundreds), and then the post-production team. It was awesome working with them–and they got the videos out a month ahead of schedule!

Here’s the link:


And yes, I did wear my Hawaiian shirts almost every time!

Here are the key points about the video course:

  • Brand new
  • Introductory pricing – save $40 for a limited time
  • c. 20 hours of video, plus access to GGBB and Basics of New Testament Syntax
  • Best way to learn intermediate Greek online



17 thoughts on “New Online Zondervan Course on Greek Grammar just released

  1. Hi Dr. Wallace. I couldn’t access the link you sent. I’ve been blessed by your GGBB for the last 20 years. I can’t wait to view your course. As always, your blogsite is insightful. Keep up the good work!


  2. Mr. Wallace, I have read quite a number of your articles and always find them interesting and informative. I’ve been reading a lot about the Alexandrian text and there is one question I cannot find a definitive answer to. I’m really hoping you can help me. Almost every article (not just by you, but by an assortment of other writers) says that Codex Vaticanus and Codex Sinaiticus are supported by many more recent discoveries of Greek texts. Hardly anyone names these supporting texts; they just mention them in passing. I think one of them may be the Chester Beatty papyrus? and another might be the John Ryland manuscript? Are there more? How many more? Thank you very much for considering my question.


    1. I understand that, but my question is, when you say “most of the early papyri” does that mean three fragments, one-hundred fragments all from the same document, many fragments from many different documents?


      1. They’re largely just tiny framents though, so saying there’s 125 of them is misleading. Its not like we’re talking 125 full New Testaments here. We’re not even talking 125 full books of any one book of the NT. So a tiny fragment supports V and A’s reading of one verse or two in John. Ok, nice, what is this really a fragment of anyway? Can you prove its a fragment of an actual copy of John and not a commentary paraphrasing John? Nope. This is the sand on which the modern versions are erected.

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  3. Greg

    Will this online course be identical to Zondervan’s upcoming Wallace/GGBB DVD lecture series? Will the DVD series include your updated material on deponent verbs and (especially) aspect? Many are trying to integrate your work with newer related (aspective) material from Porter et. al. Your interaction in this subject area (temporality & aspect in the Greek verb system) is highly appreciated.

    If the online course is identical to the DVD series, are there any content advantages for one over the other? I’m inclined to wait for the DVD series, because my internet speed is slow here in my Qumran condo, and I’d like to be able to refer back to the coursework (as a refresher) beyond the 1 year online limit. Many thanks. -Greg


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  5. Emory

    Looks like the separate DVD series is shipping soon, according to Just placed my order for it. It looks to me like all the Basics Of Biblical XXX video series are probably the same as in the Zondervan online classes — at least the lengths are about the same.

    I really do appreciate all you guys (and Zondervan) making this stuff more accessible for independent self-learners like me. Though it’s been over a decade since I went through GGBB, it’s probably time for another review, and the new videos should help.

    Now when do you suppose Zondervan will come out with a Basics Of Ancient Akkadian series? Though Huehnergard does seem to have that one pretty well covered already.


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