A Curator’s Guide — An Exploration into the Gospel of John

img_9080I continue our Curator’s series this week by bringing you Rob Bowman’s recommendations for the Gospel of John.


Blomberg, Craig L. The Historical Reliability of John’s Gospel: Issues and Commentary. Downers Grove, IL: IVP Academic, 2002. Short introduction and commentary by an evangelical, comparing John to the Synoptics and defending its historical credibility.

Edwards, Mark J. John. Blackwell Bible Commentaries. Malden, MA: Blackwell, 2004. One of the first NT commentaries focusing on “reception criticism,” considering how John impacted the thought, literature, and life of its readers from the Gnostics to Dorothy Sayers, and engaging modern critical views and interpretations in that light.

Keener, Craig S. The Gospel of John: A Commentary. 2 vols. Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2003. An absolute must: an evangelical historical and exegetical commentary grounded in a mastery of the ancient background sources.

Köstenberger, Andreas J. John. BECNT. Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2004. Relatively modest in length yet still detailed exegetical commentary by a leading evangelical Johannine scholar.

Lincoln, Andrew T. The Gospel according to Saint John. Black’s NT Commentary. London: Continuum, 2005; reprint, Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2013. One of the few good, recent commentaries reflecting mainline, moderately critical scholarship.


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  1. 🍁 Windy Wolfman 🍁

    John was special.. The forerunner of his Master, and also for the world by sharing ‘Revelations’..


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