A Curator’s Guide — An Exploration into Luke and Acts (Part 1)


This week, I’ll include the first half of a two-part installment of the books Luke and Acts. Each book will bring insight into the world of Luke, detailing Jesus’ life and ministry, as well as the birth of the first century church. Enjoy!


A. Works on Luke-Acts

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B. General Works on Luke

1. Commentaries on Luke

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2. Online General Resources on Luke

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3. Studies in Luke

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4. Luke and the Old Testament

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C. Women in Luke

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3 thoughts on “A Curator’s Guide — An Exploration into Luke and Acts (Part 1)

  1. Gary

    Dr. Wallace:

    What is the current consensus position among NT scholars regarding the authorship of Luke and Acts?

    Luke the physician, companion of Paul?
    Another traveling companion of Paul?
    A non-eyewitness to either Jesus or Paul?



  2. Jørgen Sejergaard

    Dear professor Wallace!Thank your very much for your great work!

    My question: Should we consider Luke 22:19-20 and 22:43-44 authentic or not?

    Best wishes

    Jørgen Sejergaard


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