Finally, an Awesome Backgrounds Bible!

One of the great publishing delights of 2016 is the NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible. Zondervan, of course, is the publishing house. The NIV 2011 is the translation employed, one that is faithful to the meaning of the Greek and Hebrew and communicates clearly to English-speakers of the 21st century. This is truly a landmark publication; the subtitle says it all: Bringing to Life the Ancient World of Scripture. The dense, nearly 2400-page Bible is packed with notes, graphs, photographs, sidebars, tables, charts, maps, and cross-references. It would be difficult to find two more qualified general editors than John Walton and Craig Keener. These two scholars live this stuff. They are giants in the field. Kudos to Zondervan for signing them on for this project. Their names alone are a solid recommendation of this Bible.


Virtually every page brings fresh illumination to the text of Holy Writ. The NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible makes accessible the best of evangelical biblical scholarship.

This should make a terrific Christmas present for just about anyone on your list. You can order your copies here:


10 thoughts on “Finally, an Awesome Backgrounds Bible!

  1. Is this worth getting if you already own Walton and Keener’s IVP Bible Background Commentary? Or Walton’s Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary?


  2. RWL

    I might also ask: Is it worth getting if you already have ‘Ancient Texts for The Study of the Hebrew Bible: A Guide to The Background Literature,’ by Kenton L. Sparks, 2005 & ‘Ancient Texts for New Testament Studies: A Guide to the Background Literature,’ by Craig Evans, 2012?


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