Why Arminianism Won’t Preach (and Calvinism Won’t Sell)

Michael Patton has offered another provocative and insightful blog, this time on the differences in the nature of theology conferences and apologetics conferences. In his Facebook note, he mentioned that he was pretty sure there was enough to offend everyone! It’s worth the read: http://credohouse.org/blog/arminianism-doesnt-preach


8 thoughts on “Why Arminianism Won’t Preach (and Calvinism Won’t Sell)

  1. Daniel Gump

    I never realized terms existed for the different schools of thought on Chistianity. I guess I fall into the Arminian wing, since you won’t catch me waving my arms for Gospel music or speaking much on specific theological matters from a faith-dominant stance. Both are outside my comfort zone. Yet, I could speak for hours before small groups (or Internet forum trolls) on textual criticism, historical evidence behind Scripture, the fates of the Apostles, etc. I’ve come across many people in my church that have no interest in apologetics, but others are very receptive (specificially clergy). To me, it’s a necessary part of Christianity and fits very well with Jesus’ parable of the farmer sowing the seeds: fertile soil is needed to keep one’s faith strong and able to grow.


  2. Faan

    I am greatly blessed by and am compelled to share new discoveries in the Apostolic Bible Polyglot which used the Septuagint text that Jesus, His disciples and Paul aparently used and clearly quoted from. It confirms what I have received from God on 2/11/1997 and what I have been preaching since then. It destroys teachings of Calvinism, Armianism and most evavangelicals / protestants.

    The ABP clearly says in the whole of Is. 53 Jesus was crucified BECAUSE OF, by, through every sin we do. He indeed BORE OUR/MY SINS IN HIS BODY ON THE CROSS and it  PIERCED, CRUSHED and MURDERED HIM! 1Pet 2:24 confirms this. THAT is what we need to confess with deep remorse TO HIM and repent (Zech 12.10). Only then will GOD forgive, deliver and cleanse us from all sin by His blood, make sin stop, make us live unto righteousness, heal us, stop our going astray (1Pet2:24-25), fill us with HIS HOLY SPIRIT and MAKE us holy. 

    Jesus was NOT CRUCIFIED FOR us, or FOR our sins, or in our place, or paid our debts FOR us, and was not punished by God’s wrath in our place. Such translations and interptetations are all from corrupted texts. Those who did and still do this, wounded and crushed the WORD OF GOD as they did to JESUS’ FLESH and by implication accuse someone else for JESUS’ murder – namely GOD. That is terrible self-acquital and blasphemy! If we believe this, we cannot be forgiven for Jesus’ wounds and murder and cannot be delivered or be set free from sin or be made holy. Without holiness we will NOT see GOD but pay an eternity in hell for all our sins that grieved GOD, quenched HIS HOLY SPIRIT, broke HIS WORD which is HIS FLESH, and which pierced and crushed JESUS CHRIST, the MESSIAH.
    Faan Oosthuizen Bloemfontein, RSA.


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  4. Hi Dr. Wallace. The post you linked is pretty insightful. I’ve noticed too how most theology conferences are Calvinistic. Could the Calvinism tendencies be due to their wider influence in publishing and academia? I know hardly any Christian apologists who, for example, assert a compatibilist view of Sovereignty and free will with respect to Christian apologetics. Most of the apologetics literature asserts libertarian free-will, which is at the heart of Arminianism. Could this be, in the words of the late W.A Criswell, one of the imponderables of Providence at work? Anyway, there are no doubt many exceptions. Good post. I liked it.


  5. Luís Henrique

    The question is simple. When arminians are concerned in defending the faith, calvinists are concerned in defending the calvinism.


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