Latest Greek New Testament minuscules: Gregory-Aland 2916, 2925, and 2926

In the summer of 2012, a team from the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts ( photographed several Greek New Testament manuscripts at the Gennadius Library of the American School of Classical Studies in Athens. Among the manuscripts digitized were two new Gregory-Aland members: 2916 and 2925. Codex 2916 is a thirteenth (or possibly later) century Gospels manuscript on parchment, comprising 270 leaves of text. Its shelf number is Gennadius Κυριαζις 20 or K 20.

Gennadius 266 has now been given the catalog number  2925. It is sixteenth-century Gospels manuscript written on paper, comprising 99 leaves of text. Up until a couple of weeks ago, it was the latest addition to the INTF’s inventory of minuscule manuscripts, but a codex at the Jerusalem Greek Orthodox Patriarchate is now numbered 2926. It also is from the sixteenth century, written on paper, and comprising just 74 leaves.

Between 2916 and 2925 eight other minuscules have been catalogued. They are housed at the Biliotheque nationale Paris, the Vatican, and Biblioteca nazionale Marciana Venice, Herzog August Bibliothek in Wolfenbüttel, the monasteries of Esphigmenou and Iviron on Mt. Athos, and the Biblioteca de el Escorial.

The total number of catalogued Greek New Testament manuscripts now stands at 128 papyri, 322 majuscules, 2926 minuscules, and 2462 lectionaries, bringing the grand total to 5838 manuscripts.

CSNTM has also “discovered” two more minuscule manuscripts in the summer of 2013 on our European expeditions which will most likely receive their Gregory-Aland numbers in due time.


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  8. Hello Dr. Wallace (or staff), I’m really hoping for a reply as I’m compiling info for a free appologetic eBook I’m writing to help people overcome many of the intellectual doubts they have about God’s Word (usually perpetuated by lies and myth rather than fact) so they will humbly read it and seek God for themselves.

    I see you’ve given this “latest” count of Greek New Manuscripts. But what about now in 2015? I am scouring the internet trying to find accurate lists and counts BY century to create some up to date charts to compare with recent charts (by century) of the Illead ( There are some current 2000 mss of that book now discovered, and it does look rather impressive in comparsion with a chart of the NT when looking ONLY at the first few centuries… BUT, I would like to compare two charts that show them from first writings as well which would give proper context to the debate that it appears Graeme subtly set out to make.

    I’d also love to create charts by century for all of the other translations of NT manuscripts (as we have an additional 20,000 above the Greek), but no where have I been able to find the dates of them all , and certainly have not been able to locate such charts…. Do you know of any?

    thank you and God bless you and your ministry 🙂


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