Here is a big event coming up in April. It is a new kind of apologetics conference in the Dallas Fort-Worth metroplex. If you’re in the area, you owe it to yourself to go!

Visit the website to find out more information.




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  1. Enrique Borrase

    For those of us that live far away is there a way to sit in through virtual media or buy DVDs


    Enrique Borrase San Jose, Costa Rica

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  2. Randy H Hahn

    I was just wondering what your opinion is, on Ron Wyatt and the ark of the covenant, Jiim Barfield and the copper scrolls. I have been working in Israel over the last 8 years and am always interested in others views. I occasionally get in to Dallas and wold love to do lunch with you if you ever have the time and God permits. Or if you are ever flying or traveling to Oregon, that would work also. Thanks! Randy Hahn


      1. Randy H Hahn

        Daniel Thanks for your quick reply. If you haven’t heard their materials on the subject, I deffinitely reccommend you read up on both. Searching the internet will show opinions on both ends. I can tell you I have been involved for 8 years and it has really opend my eyes. Randy


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