Bibliography of New Testament Studies

Great Books for Studying the New Testament!

Over at the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts website (, the CSNTM staff has been working very hard to select some of the very best books for studying the New Testament. The initial listing is now posted at our brand newNT Resources Store.” These books belong to fifteen categories, which cover the basics. These include Textual Criticism (of course!), Historical and Literary Backgrounds, Hermeneutics, NT Greek, Commentaries, and many more. We have not listed any junk here. All these books are worth owning, though some are advanced treatments and may not be suitable for you. If you have doubts about the appropriateness of certain books for your own library, just write to and one of us will get back to you.

We are making it very easy for you to purchase these books. When you visit the NT Resources Store, click on a category and find the book that interests you. This will take you to a description page and offer a button to make a purchase at the Amazon store. You get the same terrific prices as you normally would at Amazon (they will know who you are if you’re a returning customer), including the free shipping for Amazon Prime members. And your purchase helps CSNTM as well since Amazon gives the Center a portion of all sales through CSNTM’s website. The more books you buy, the more expeditions we can go on to photograph manuscripts. We’ve already been told that some folks plan to use the CSNTM gateway to Amazon from now on for everything they buy there.

CSNTM is grateful for your support.

Happy hunting!


6 thoughts on “Bibliography of New Testament Studies

  1. What a great resource! Any chance that we’ll be able to purchase the kindle version through this site in the future? My wife likes that I don’t fill the house full of books.


  2. Joey, if you simply go to you will see on the home page down the right side a link to Amazon. You can buy anything—from toothbrushes to law mowers —through CSNTM and still get your same price. Click on it and save the link. then go there every time you buy from Amazon.

    BTW, I’ve been an Amazon Prime member for years. For any who buy a lot of books, this is definitely the way to go. You get two-day free shipping on all book purchases (as well as many other purchases) that come from Amazon’s warehouse.


  3. Jeff Martin

    The commentary section is a bit thin. What about David Garland’s Luke commentary, or Peterson or Witherington on Acts, or Gordon Fee for Galatians??


  4. Pastor Robert

    I also am having ongoing debates with a man who claims Aramaic Primacy. He makes claims that the overwhelming evidence points to the NT being in Aramaic. Insights and resources to respond would be helpful.


  5. Patrick

    This was a great resource. Is there a reason the link to the recommended books does not work any longer? Would love to see this put back up and even updated! The recommended books was a huge help!


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