Five Major Issues facing the Christian Faith Today: the Hugh Hewitt Show

I was in southern California today (14 February 2014), interviewed by Hugh Hewitt about five major issues facing the Christian faith. The show aired on over 120 stations. Hewitt is known as a conservative political pundit (and a law professor, among other things), and occasionally dips into religious issues. One can hear the interview by clicking on the audio link below.  The issues we discussed were (1) How do we know that the Bible we have in our hands today is what the apostles in the first century and the prophets before them actually wrote? (2) Is God good? The new atheism has changed their attack point from the veracity of the Christian faith to the ethics of the Christian God. (3) Did the ancient church muzzle the canon? Did Constantine really dictate what books would go in the New Testament? (4) What does the Bible teach about homosexuality and is it even a viable position? (5) Don’t the discrepancies in the Bible show that it is just a human book and not from God at all?

For responses to these questions, you’ll just have to listen to the show!