Rules of Engagement

If you want to post a comment on this blogsite, there are a few rules you will need to follow. I won’t post your comments if they are outside the bounds of the rules of engagement.

1. You need to be civil. No ad hominem, personal attacks, or character assassination, please!
2. Keep your comments brief. No lengthy diatribes.
3. Keep on topic. A little wandering is OK, but debates between two people who are getting way off topic are not helpful to others.
4. That’s about it. Let’s have some good discussions, folks!


5 thoughts on “Rules of Engagement

  1. Rory

    I prefer to say cordiality rather than civility. You must be from california and therefore your words are no good here. Anyone want to have a lengthy debate about it on here?!!

    Jk. Thanks for the post; it was needed…



  2. Daniel Yen

    Dr. Wallace,

    You can add the link to this ‘rules of engagement’ in your top menu (after your Bio) so that all new visitors will be able to read it.


  3. Joe Fitts

    My wife and I are visiting my son in Cairo, Egypt. Can you tell me if any New Testament manuscripts are on display in or around Cairo. We are leaving on the 22nd of October and have two weeks there.

    I have had the pleasure of being at two of your presentations in Atlanta. One at “The Passages” Biblical artifacts presentation and at Perimeter Church for The Areopagus.

    We would enjoy any significant ancient manuscripts that may be available as well.

    Thanks for the work creating the CSNTM. Great contribution to the preservation and availability of the documents undergirding our christian truth claims. Thanks. Joe Fitts 678 410 1000



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