HTR not rejecting the Jesus’ Wife fragment now?

It seems like the we’re witnessing a see-saw battle concerning the authenticity of this fragment as well as whether it’s going to be published in Harvard Theological Review. After I posted the news which I received from Dr. Craig Evans that HTR was not going to publish the fragment because it had been judged to be a fake, I then got news that HTR was going to publish it. Here’s the link that gives the data:

One wonders what’s going on here. It seems like we have three good possibilities: (a) my source was wrong that HTR had rejected the piece; (b) the report that HTR was going to publish it is incorrect; or (c) both are right: HTR editors changed their mind about rejecting the article. I have no doubts about Dr. Evans’s integrity so I’m ruling out the first option. This leaves b or c.

This is how news is reported these days: down to the nanosecond! The cultural implications of all this are both fascinating and disturbing. I would advise that we all have a wait and see attitude, as I advocated originally.