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Can We Still Believe the Bible?

Craig Blomberg, Distinguished Professor of New Testament at Denver Seminary, has written another outstanding volume. Blomberg is a committed evangelical, but not one with a closed mind. As he says in his preface about the environment of Denver Seminary (quoting Vernon Grounds, former president of the school), “Here is no unanchored liberalism—freedom to think without […]

Snoopy Seminar coming on Feb 22–23, 2013

On February 22 and 23, I will be conducting a “Snoopy Seminar” at the Hope Center in Plano, Texas (2001 W. Plano Parkway). This seminar is a fun, interactive, and challenging exercise about textual criticism. Enrollment is limited to 60 people. Intended audience: motivated laypeople, though we are not limiting it to them (seminary students […]

Further Reading on Bible Translations

For further reading: Bruce Metzger, The Bible in Translation: The Ancient and English Versions Gordon Fee and Mark Strauss, How to Choose a Translation for All Its Worth Ron Rhodes, The Complete Guide to Bible Translations F. F. Bruce, History of the Bible in English Donald Brake, Visual History of the King James Bible: The […]


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